Starbucks iPhone App

‘Starbucks Pocket Coffee Master’

For iPhone, iPod and iPad.

The Starbucks Pocket Coffee Master App is a great way to help you find new and interesting coffee combination’s, flavor profiles and region / blend information.

Some Great Features:

★ Goes With
Find out what flavors fit your cup. Select some of your favorite flavors like chocolate or caramel and see what coffee goes perfectly with them.

★ Tastes Like
Find complementary blends. If you have a favorite coffee just select it and see what other Starbucks coffees are similar to it.

★ Region Discovery
Find a coffee by region. Like fine wines, the region where coffee is grown can have a huge effect on its flavor. So select a region and find out what coffees come from there.

★ Coffee By Blend
Select any strength blend and see a selection of coffees to choose from. Decaf all the way to Extra Bold.

★ Brand new tab with all the Starbucks drink codes, discover what code makes your favorite drink.

★ Find your local Starbucks with Map Search integration (Powered by Google Maps).

★ Find out how to prepare the perfect cup of coffee each and every time, with the four principles of coffee making.

★ Learn about how to conduct your very own coffee tastings, at home or with friends.

★ A handy index of Starbucks coffees with info on their regions and taste profiles.

★ Learn about coffees origin with ‘the history of coffee’.

★ New section on Starbucks Coffee Agriculture (including species of coffee and how coffee is decaffeinated).

★ Learn all about Coffee Roasting (including packaging info and the Starbucks Roast Curve).

★ Fully retina display ready.

★ New Starbucks Recipes. (Starbucks treat recipes and great VIA cooking dishes)

★ Check out the latest Starbucks news with Facebook and Twitter Starbucks feeds right inside the Application.

iTunes / AppStore Link:

Starbucks Pocket Coffee Master

Starbucks Coffee Master for iPad

*Notice: This Application is not made by Starbucks Coffee Company or associated with them in any way.


4 Responses to “Starbucks iPhone App”

  1. Kaori (@BuckedbytheStar) September 2, 2011 at 16:19 #

    REEEEAAAAALLLY wish you could make an application like this for android. Pretty please? lol!

    • StarbucksMarkDavid September 3, 2011 at 17:19 #

      I am currently looking into it Kaori! 🙂 But its very difficult to make apps for android. The system they use is just so bad and complicated that most developers just give up and go back to iPhone. But currently i’m looking into it, if it works out you will be the first to know! Thanks.

  2. James Lattanzia July 5, 2011 at 15:05 #

    I work at starbucks and what a great app I LOVE IT! Thank for coming up with the app.

    • StarbucksMarkDavid July 5, 2011 at 15:15 #

      Hi James,

      Thank you so much for the lovely comments! I hope you enjoy the app as much as I do, its great for customers as well as baristas and coffee masters alike! Over time it will get even more features and information so stay tuned! Thanks again..

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