Starbucks Changing Whole Bean Categories and More

13 Oct

Latest news of Starbucks changing their whole bean categories and removing some blends from their lineup are unsettling. Baristas and insiders have hinted that blends getting axed are – Estima, Decaf Verona, Columbia, Sanani, Sidamo, Decaf House Blend and Shade Grown Mexican. However some will be replaced by new blends under the new categories like – LightNote Blend (returning), Veranda Blend and Willow Blend – which Starbucks have filed trademarks for like this one:

The new category that will be ‘under’ Mild Roast is rumored to be called “Blonde”. A super light roast presumably to cover coffee drinkers that don’t like strong roasts. So now there will be Blonde, Mild, Bold, Extra Bold, at least that is my guess. Lets hope one of these is not getting axed as I love extra bold coffees. Another trademark filed by Starbucks hints at the new blend category:

What are your ideas on this news? Do you have any insider news to add? Lets hope is wont be changing to drastically as they seem to be removing a lot of great coffees in the lineup. If I hear any more it will be added to this post each time with an update, so check back to see how it’s progressing.


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