Starbucks Bali Blend

2 Jul

 So last week I decided to do a blog post about Starbucks Bali Blend. A great coffee that’s available for a short time only in European stores (not available in America). This coffee really is amazing and I would recommend going out and getting a bag to try it’s unique cocoa taste for yourself. I started out by reading all about coffee from this region (Asia/Pacific) and how these beans can taste spicy, herbal and earthy. Learning all I could about what I was about to taste, like the body (Medium to Full, but usually coffee from Aisa have a big full body, like Sumatra), acidity (Medium) and Processing Method (Washed, Wet). All of these can give you hints as to what a coffee will taste like before you even get near to tasting the beans. Washed coffees are usually picked and transported to the processing location. Then they are sent down a washing channel and into De-pulpers (the berry fruit is removed), they are then fermented in tanks (adding to flavour) and washed a second time to remove any fermented pulp still on the beans. Then they are dried on outdoor patios or drying tables before being bagged and ‘rested’ before hulling (the outside thin membrane is removed from around each coffee bean). This method of processing usually added to a more acidic flavour in the cup and an overall cleaner taste.

Upon opening the bag a noticed it had a really cocoa smell to it. It seems very strange coming from a coffee, the smell of really dark roasted cocoa beans, so I really couldn’t wait to get on and try it. Today I used the french press method, widely said to be one of the best ways to taste coffee and get a really true sense for it’s flavour profile as the french press soaks the ground beans in hot water for 4 minutes making all the oils and coffee flavours seep into the water for a balanced great cup of coffee. On to actually tasting the coffee – with each coffee tasting there are 4 main points to keep in mind.

Aroma (smell)

Acidity (slurp)

Body (locate)

Flavour (Describe)

Aroma, Bali Blend smelled really sweet and dark, like the smell from an 80% chocolate mixed in with a strong floral herb notes. Near the end of the cup I also started to pick out some earthy and almost perfume scented sweetness in the aroma. This coffee really smells incredible and make your mouth water! The acidity of this coffee was medium to high, as it hit my tongue it tingled on the tip like a fresh grapefruit would. At times it almost tasted a bit tangy or fruit like, like roasted fruit without a bitterness to it. The body was medium to full, not as full bodied as a Sumatra but a nice mouth feel to it. Finally the flavour hit me with dark cocoa notes. It tasted like pure cocoa or baked dark chocolate nibs with a coffee overtone, I would imagine this coffee to go amazing in any Tiramisu recipe. It was tangy but not overpowering, and ended with a strong flavour of baked berries. If I was to link this coffee to a food it struck me as a baked berry pie sprinkled with pure 100% chocolate, a very unusual coffee that has quickly become one of my all time favorites. I hope you enjoyed this coffee tasting and I would urge you to go out and pick up a bag from your local Starbucks store.

As an end note I just wanted to say this coffee goes GREAT with chocolate, so I would suggest pairing it with a decadent chocolate croissant, Tiramisu cake pop or dark 70%+ chocolate bar. I have also made this coffee into a double shot of espresso and added it to a Mocha which went down extremely well! Enjoy..


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  1. gerry rabehl September 25, 2012 at 17:42 #

    they are really good

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