VIA Ready Brew and Tumbler

15 Feb

Yesterday I received a wonderful gift in the post. My first VIA Ready Brew and matching VIA Tumbler. I was a little skeptical of the whole VIA coffee as I’ve always bought whole bean coffee and grind at home for perfect flavor and freshness. The VIA itself comes in beautiful little packs that open in the front to reveal little foil packets of micro-ground Starbucks coffee. The VIA tumbler is an amazing little invention which has a removable bottom panel to slide up to six Starbucks VIA packs inside the Tumbler itself. So, never again will you be without a great cup of Starbucks coffee, whether at work or away from home you have a great cup of Starbucks right in your pocket or bag.

I received Decaf Italian Roast (Extra Bold) VIA and couldn’t wait to get a pack open to try it for the first time (Starbucks VIA is not on sale in Germany, but recently I learned it has gone on sale in Ireland and UK, so maybe coming here soon). Upon opening a pack, I got that unmistakable Starbucks smell, but very surprising is that it smelled exactly like freshly ground beans. This was a huge shock as I was expecting some kind of ‘coffee in a jar’ smell. It seemed fresh and ready to brew, so that’s what I did! Adding the perfectly measured pack to a cup and pouring over hot water created an unexpectedly great cup of coffee. I don’t particularly like black coffee so added a splash of milk and one sugar before drinking. The aroma was full and bold, the taste didn’t disappoint either. It was smokey, full bodied and tasted like a really great fresh cup of coffee. Over the coming weeks I hope to experiment with a few recipes and see what I can make from this micro ground coffee. VIA is a great treat for any Starbucks fan to try, if for nothing more than a new interesting Starbucks experience. It tastes great and when your regular store is not close by, a cup of VIA Coffee is the next best thing.


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