The Starbucks Flavour Wheel

26 Jan

Welcome to the second Blog post from StarbucksMarkDavid! In this post id like to write about a great little reference tool I saw in Starbucks one day. I am not sure of its official name however it does say “Region Is Taste” on the front. I like to call it my Starbucks flavour wheel. From my research and the date printed, this item seemed to be introduced into Starbucks stores around 1996. It’s meant to hang on the Whole Bean Display as a reference to customers as to what coffee’s go together or what blends go with certain foods. I find this really useful when I want to have a really great coffee experience, it helps to pair a Coffee with the perfect food. If you were in the mood for a nice pastry for instance the flavour wheel suggests pairing this with a Sumatra or Verona, the perfect combination!






For hardcore Starbucks fans it’s worth taking a look at one of these wheels. There is some great information on all the coffee’s contained in here, going to House blend for instance tells you that it’s from Latin America, a Medium Coffee with Lively, Light flavourings and a Balanced Aroma. Looking down to the two windows in the middle then tells you first what flavours / food combination’s this coffee goes best with (Nuts, Apple, Blueberries) and then the next window tells you what other coffee’s this blend is similar to (Colombia Narino Supremo, Guatemala Antigua) so you can find great blends that taste just like ones you know and love!

While Starbucks doesn’t sell these wheels, they usually have them hanging in store next to the bags of whole beans and I would encourage you to take a look and find some new fresh blends that you never thought of trying before. Or maybe you just want to find a great coffee to go with that chocolate croissant in the mornings, either way, very informative and a must see! Enjoy the pictures below and I managed to translate a few blends and write them out for those of you that cannot find one of these wheels in your local store.



Some taste wheel combination’s include:

Latin America
Name                                        Tastes Like                                 Goes With
Breakfast Blend (Mild)         House Blend                        Nuts, Apple, Citrus
House Blend (Medium)        Guatemala Antigua            Nuts, Apple, Blueberry

Africa and Arabia
Name                                        Tastes Like                                 Goes With
Kenya (Bold)                           Ethiopia Sidamo                Grapefruit, Berries
Ethiopia Sidamo (Bold)        Kenya                                   Lemon/Citrus, Herbs

Name                                        Tastes Like                                 Goes With
Sumatra (Extra Bold)            Gold Coast Blend               Cinnamon, Cheese, Bread
Sulawesi (Bold)                       Sumatra                              Cheese, Caramel, Pear

Multi-Region Blend / Dark Roast
Name                                        Tastes Like                                 Goes With
Caffe Verona (Bold)               Cafe Estima Blend              Chocolate, Caramel
Cafe Estima Blend (Bold)     Gold Coast Blend                Nuts, Cocoa, Caramel
Espresso Roast (Bold)           Guatemala Antigua            Spices, Caramel, Nuts
French Roast (Extra Bold)    Gold Coast Blend               Roasted Nuts, Caramel


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