Starbucks Discoveries Come to Town!

22 Jan

Starbucks Discoveries

So, today I’m out doing the weekly shopping in the local supermarket right across the street from my apartment. All day I thought of what coffee I was going to make later, maybe an iced Latte, maybe a Mocha when a truly unexpected surprise happened. Let me give you some background info before I go on. Starbucks is not very big in Germany yet, they currently only have stores in big cities like Hamburg / Berlin and such, apart from these places it’s hard to find anything with the magical siren logo on it. Last year my local store got in a shipment of Starbucks whole bean coffee (House Blend to be exact). After two months with what seemed like me as the only person buying it, it was pulled from the shelves. After talking to the store workers sadly I discovered it would not be coming back into the store after very poor sales. It seemed the people here just did not want the big American coffee company when they’re used to ‘made in Germany’ brands (which, if I’m being honest, these tastes like burn tea leaves). Maybe Starbucks just didn’t have the chance to educate people about their coffee’s before moving into the smaller cities, this can be a big mistake in my opinion because of the large size of the Starbucks company many see them as a negative influence on the local brands and businesses, knowledge and understand of their companies standards and believes is integral to Starbucks success in new areas. So to make a long story short, I have only been able to get Starbucks for the last year in Hamburg which is about 30mins away. Sadly this is an expensive trip to take weekly, not always happening for a month or more at a time, very sadly!

Back to today, when just finishing up my shopping list I came to the milk isle and in front of me was a sight for sore coffee eyes! There it was, Starbucks Discoveries in two great flavors. Starbucks Seattle Latte and Qandi Latte Caramel (my personnel favorite). I was so stunned I think my mouth actually hit the floor, my heart starting racing and I had to have them. Two big packs of about 20 Discoveries were on sale, I ended up buying five for the weekend ahead, three Seattle Latte’s and two Caramels. Having had the Caramels many times in Ireland and Hamburg over the last few months this was my first taste of the Seattle Latte Coffee. It was distinctive, sweet, smokey and very much like a great Starbucks Coffee experience. I would highly recommend the Seattle Latte, however I kept thinking how nice it would be to pour it over a glass of ice (I will try this in the morning and update the post to tell you all about it).

So that was my great Starbucks experience today! Let’s hope they stay stocked in store this time, I’m buying about ten more next week to do my part, and obviously for self indulgence purposes, but please don’t hold that against me! Thanks Starbucks for coming to town.

Edit 23/01/11 : Just tried Starbucks Discoveries Qandi Latte Caramel over ice and it’s absolutely delicious. A must try on a hot summers day! Enjoy..


3 Responses to “Starbucks Discoveries Come to Town!”

  1. connortem May 18, 2016 at 21:40 #

    what is the Discoveries cup made from (paper or plastic)? Does it say if it is recyclable?

  2. vimax review September 9, 2011 at 23:20 #

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  1. Bottled Frappuccino Now In Stores « - October 11, 2011

    […] do not get these bottled versions, you will be very disappointed. These drinks taste exactly like Starbucks Discoveries and if I didn’t know better just seem like repackaged Discoveries with Frappuccino written on […]

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